Bali Complete Travel Guide

Welcome to Sakre Cubes! This is your beloved Travel Blogger Sagar. I hope you are planning a trip to Bali and my video on Bali has got you to this blog page. As there are numerous aspects that I couldn’t cover in the video, I have included all of those specifics in this blog article. My objective is to share my own experiences and motivate you to plan your travels more efficiently.


Before you travel to Bali

  1. Use Skyscanner to book the flights. This website gives the cheapest flights and optimal prices. Average round trip cost to Bali is 40k-45k per person
  2. Local currency in Bali is called the Indonesian Rupiah or IDR in short. There are two ways to convert INR to IDR.

    1. Cash: Convert INR ➡️ USD in India, and USD ➡️ IDR in Bali. You can get INR to USD converted at your door step through online platforms. We use bookmyforex (makemytrip subsidary)  which offers good price.
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    2. Card: Carry a Zero Forex Card like Niyo Global to make payments and withdraw money at ATMs in Bali. 
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  3. Custom declaration form
  4. e-visa on arrival

Pre Book these on Klook

Stay Recommendations

Here is a list of suggested accommodations in Bali. This list is curated based on personal experience, friend’s experience and extensive research. Please browse through the hotel photos, reviews, and prices and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Budget Friendly stays (Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 3,000)

  1. Kana Kuta Bali, Kuta (This is where we stayed)
  2. Ohana Hotel Kuta
  3. Grandmas Plus Hotel, Kuta
  4. Sun Island Hotel & Spa Legian, Kuta
  5. Bali Chaya Hotel Legian,Kuta
  6. Hotel Terrace at Kuta
  7. EDEN Hotel Kuta Bali
  8. The ONE Legian Hotel
  9. YELLO Kuta Beachwalk Bali
  10. Harper Kuta by ASTON, Kuta
  11. Swiss-Belhotel Tuban
  12. Grand Ixora Kuta Resort
  13. Arnaya Homestay
  14. Hotel Terrace Kuta
  15. Grand Barong Resort
  16. BLoO Bali Hotel
  17. Daun Bali Seminyak Hotel
  18. The Legian Sunset Residence
  19. Bakung Sari Resort and Spa
  20. Royal Regantris Kuta
  21. Matahari Bungalow Hotel
  1. Harris Seminyak (This is where we stayed)
  2. Grandmas Plus Hotel, Seminyak
  3. Kamaniiya Petitenget Seminyak
  4. The Capital Hotel and Resort Seminyak
  5. Ramada Encore, Seminyak
  6. Infinity8, Jimbaran
  7. FOX Hotel, Jimbaran
  8. Hotel Amalfi Seminyak
  9. Ananda Resort Seminyak
  10. Nikhila Seminyak
  11. The Alea Hotel Seminyak
  1. The Evitel Resort (Recommended)
  2. Puri Kobot
  3. Nang Ade house (This is where we stayed)
  4. Bali Dream Resort
  5. Beji Ubud Resort
  6. Cendana Resort and Spa
  7. Umah Tis Sebatu
  8. Shanti Mandala Villa & Spa Hotel
  9. Alam kawi
  10. Amatara Agung Raka
  11. Ubud Tropical Garden
  12. Bumi Ubud Resort
  13. Gajah Biru Bungalows
  14. Budhiayu Villas Ubud
  15. Villa Mandi Ubud
  16. Sarwi homestay
  17. Chili Ubud Cottage
  18. Umae Villa
  19. B.Saya
  20. Kutus Kutus Mas Ubud Villa
Nusa Penida
  1. Ari La Casa, Nusa Penida (This is where we stayed)
  2. Pondok Bamboo Villa
  3. Sunrise Cottage Nusa Penida
  4. Bintang Penida Resort
  5. Ring Sameton Resort Hotel 
  6. Surya Chandra Beach Bungalow
  7. Ogix Cliff Paradise (pretty far but amazing)

Medium budget stays (Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000)

  1. Fourteen Roses Boutique Hotel Legian
  2. Aloft Bali Kuta Beachwalk
  3. Bintang Bali Resort, Kuta
  4. The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel
  5. Episode Kuta
  6. Swiss-Belhotel Tuban
  7. Kuta Paradiso Hotel
  8. Aryaduta Bali
  9. Buana Bali Villas & Spa, Jimbaran
  10. Risata Bali Resort & Spa
  1. Villa Kawung
  1. Anumana Ubud Hotel
  2. Umah Tis Sebatu
  3. Alam Wayang Ubud
  4. Rahayu 2 Bungalow
  5. Dewi Sri Private Villa
  6. Adil Villa and Resort
  7. Puri Gangga Resort
  8. Anumana Village Ubud
  9. Mayura Ubud Retreat
  10. Om Ham Retreat and Resort
Nusa Penida
  1. Bataran Garden Cottage
  2. Batan Sabo Cottage
  3. Semabu Hills
  4. Bintang Bungalow
  5. Sundi Ocean Bungalow
  6. Sea Terras Suite and Luxury
  7. The Dewi Sun Sun Suite

Wondering what to pack?

Download our FREE Bali packing list, so you don’t miss forget to carry anything

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  1. If you signup using the link provided, you will get coupon. You can search Bali in their website/app and book the activites. You will get email and WhatsApp regarding all the details related to the activity

  2. Heya thank you so much for providing all this information. Its very helpful for people like us who are travelling for the first time. Question: Can we stay in Kuta and Ubud and cover south, central, east, southern east and north of Bali? Or do you suggest different places apart from these? Our stay is for 6 days 7 nights.

  3. Hi! You are doing great service! I have a question. Is December month will be too crowded? We plan to go on December 1st

  4. Hi Sagar, I’m a fellow kannadiga and have followed your YT channel for quite some time now and you are doing really well.

    I’m planning a trip to Bali and your videos are my go to guide. Many thanks. You have already explained many things and have helped me plan my trip through your videos and your blog.

    I have one doubt. I have booked Kana Kuta Hotel for 4 nights and Puri Kobot for next 4 nights. I’m confused about the stay though (Mainly between Kana Kuta and Ramadan Encore) Since you have stayed in Kana Kuta, is it a good place? This is our first international travel and I want a nice place for me and my wife.

    Many thanks!

  5. I appreciate you providing such a thorough itinerary for arranging a trip to Bali, Sagar! Your careful attention to detail, covering everything from needed travel items to suggested lodging, is immensely beneficial for anyone wishing to discover this stunning location.