Pearl Valley (Muthayala Maduvu) – The tiniest waterfall around Bangalore

Place: Pearl Valley (Muthyala Maduvu) Waterfalls and Dam

Distance:  90 km round trip
Type: Waterfalls, forest
Ideal for: Friends and Family
Permission Needed: No

The first time I had been to pearl valley was back in 2016 when I got my brand new Bajaj Avenger, it was the first-ever ride on that bike. Its 2019 now three years passed by still my madness to visit places hasn’t reduced. Pearl Valley (Muthayala Maduvu) is one of the lesser-known places around Bangalore which is both hyped and underestimated at the same time. As I was already there before I knew what to expect as most of the visitors get disappointed after seeing Google images vs real images. But the motto of my visit wasn’t the destination but the journey in itself. I was overwhelmed to see how much the place was improved. Read on to know more about it.

Best of the Beast

It all started with my zeal to learn car driving. I do love bike rides, crazy rides in the wind and rain but there have been situations when I felt the car would have been a better choice of commute (especially when parents were in Bangalore). I do have a driving license but everyone knows how we pass the DL test here in India 😀 I had been talking with my colleagues about this idea of renting a car and going on a short drive. My colleagues were ready to join for the expedition but little was the confidence I had in their driving skills. I knew I wanted to give this a try so I booked a self-drive car for Saturday morning at 10 am. After traveling in and around Karnataka for 6 years, trips have become a part of my life. It’s like breathing, walking, eating. It’s a ritual I do often to keep myself motivated. I couldn’t think of any better place than Pearl Valley which is close to Bangalore and has pretty good connectivity.

Saturday Morning: We assembled near my office in Koramangala at 9.30 am. Usually, I make sure to escape out of Bangalore before 7 am to avoid traffic but this time was an exception. After breakfast, we walked to forum mall to pick up the car. After zipping through the traffic we reached the electronic city at 11 am. After Bommasandra we took a right turn to join Chandrapura-Anekal Road. We switched the driving seat, it was my turn to be the man behind the steering. I drove till pearl valley with a little hiccup here and there. But I was overwhelmed by my own driving skills 😀

We parked our car at the Hotel Mayura Nisarga Pearl Valley (Run by KSTDC)  after paying an entrance fee of Rs.30 + parking fee of Rs. 20. 
Once you are here you can do the following things,
1. See the waterfalls
2. Walkthrough the valley as far as you can
3. Have lunch at Hotel Mayura overlooking the beautiful valley with a beer in hand.
4. See the Pearl Valley Dam (its as big as a lake)

Water Falls: We started walking down towards the waterfalls. To my surprise, I could see a lot of improvements since I’d visited this place last time. The stairs were nicely led out. There were viewpoints at regular intervals (still under construction). After climbing down 80+ stairs we came to the falls. Well, I knew the falls is a tiny stream of water flowing from 30+ feet but what amazed me was a beautiful natural pool at the bottom of the falls.

Well laid out stairs to reach the water falls

Construction is going in full swing to make this place the hottest tourist attraction

Well said.

Natural Pool: Govt has done a great job in constructing the pool which is perfect if you want to get into the water. There was a man already swimming in the pool which tempted us to get into the water as well. Sadly we didn’t get any clothes or towel so we could only sit near the falls and relax. Moreover, the weather was very cold, which was pulling us back from getting into the water. 

Can you spot the waterfalls?

A natural swimming pool formed beneath the waterfalls.

I envy this guy who was chilling out in the water

This is how we chilled out for quit sometime

The Valley: For most of the people Pearl valley finishes right here but there is more to it. You can walk along the path following the water stream. It will take you into the thick forest, you can walk as further as you want. When I was here 3 years back the valley was really beautiful, but now all I could find was broken beer bottles and plastic everywhere. This is how irresponsible visitors destroy nature and in the end, everyone will suffer as the place will eventually get banned by the govt. Since there is so much improvement going at this place I hope it will get restored to it’s best soon.

A group photo in the valley of pearl

Oh did I mention? You will find your old lost friends here 😀

Lunchtime: It was 2 pm by the time we decided to leave, a perfect time to fill our tummy. As there are not many good restaurants around this place, we decided to have our lunch in the Mayura Restaurant itself.

That’s the most beautiful view of the valley straight from the Mayura Restaurant

The good part of the restaurant is the beautiful view of the valley next to you and the best part is that the restaurant would also serve alcohol. So if you want to have alcohol then there could be no better place than this in the vicinity. We had roti curry, daal, and jeera rice. The food was tasty but the quantity was less and overpriced.

Pearl Valley Dam: After lunch, we chilled out near the dam just adjacent to the restaurant. I saw few rowing boats tied up, looked like there used to be boating activity but they were not functional at the moment. Last time we were here we had taken a dip in the water. But now there was a barrier gate which clearly indicated that we are not allowed to go near the water. After clicking few photos we decided to leave. It started drizzling which made the day beautiful than ever. I drove for a couple of more km until Akshay took over the steering. We finally reached Bangalore at 4. A day we’ll spend learning to drive the car.

The boats you see on the left.. Well I wish they were functional

This is the Pearl Valley Dam. quite small but beautiful

The day ended with a hot cup of tea at Devesh house

Important Notes:
1. Keep your expectations very low while visiting the place. Otherwise, you will be disappointed.
2. The pool depth is around 4 ft which is perfect for playing in the water. Please don’t pollute water by using soaps and throwing garbage.
3. There are no changing rooms available. 
4. It is a great place for people who like to pedal on their cycles.
5. If you are coming with a girl then avoid walking into the valley. There could be drunken guys who might pass comments on you. Till Waterfalls, it’s very safe.
6. Walking deep into pearl valley might be thrilling but make sure you find your way back, make sure you remember the cardinal directions. You might get lost if it gets dark.

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  1. Absolutely loved reading this blog on Pearl Valley (Muthyala Maduvu) Waterfalls and Dam! Your vivid descriptions and stunning photos truly capture the serene beauty and charm of this hidden gem. I was particularly fascinated by the detailed account of the waterfall’s formation and the surrounding lush greenery. It’s amazing how the water glistens like pearls, living up to its name.