Nandi Hills – A visit at Evening 20/11/2016

Place: Nandi Hills, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka

Distance:   62 km from Bangalore

Type:          Sightseeing, Hill
Ideal for:   Friends and Family

I had been to Nandi hills an infinite number of times. But had never visited in the evening especially to witness the sunset. One fine day we were relaxing in the room that’s when my friend Chanda said his car is available and we can go someplace. Even my PU friend Akash was with us, so decided to visit Nandi hills. For the first time, my brother Vasant also joined the trip. We were 7 on the confirmed list, Mahindra TUV300 is a perfect car for 7 people.

Best of the beast: View from Nandi hills after sunset

Sunday Evening: We started from home at 3.30 in the afternoon. The traffic was more than usual. Chandu’s driving skills were good enough to get out of the Bangalore traffic in no time. Riding on Nandi hills road is always fun on the bike than in the car. I had no other task than humming to the songs played in the car. We reached Nandi hills at 5 pm.

Time 3.30 pm: On the way to Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills at evening: I was surprised to see there was more number of cars than bikes. One thing was clear that most of the visitors were family. Usually, in the morning, we get to witness many energetic groups of friends who are at the peak of their craziness level. But at evening the experience was totally contrasting. Everyone was so calm and cool. The crowd arrived here to spend great quality time with their family. People were interested in capturing the beauty of nature from their eyes than from the camera.

There we go. On nandi hills enjoying the sunset

View point

Nandi Hlls at Morning Vs Nandi hills at evening

After parking the car we first visited the viewpoint. And then moved to the sunset viewpoint where most of the people had perched down watching the setting sun, enjoying the breeze with their family. Unfortunately, the sun was covered by the clouds so we couldn’t see the clear sunset.

Tried capturing timelapse. Unfortunately it wasn’t good enough to show you guys

Setting sun. Clouds blocked the view of the sunset

Selfie with my brother

My old friend Akash

The entire gang. Off couse my brother is behind the camera

View of chikkaballapur from Nandi hills

We sipped a hot cup of tea before leaving the place. Just after the sunset, the atmosphere grew darker and the security guards started clearing the crowd. It happened to be a bit of traffic jam when we were descending as everyone dispersed at the same time.After a point, the highway was traffic free till we crossed Hebbal. Chandu got some urgent call so he dropped us at the metro station and proceeded. we reached home by 8 pm.

Conclusion: If you are fed up with the crazy crowd at Nandi hills then you should visit it at evening. It’s wonderful to spend the evening at Nandi hills watching the sunset with your friends or family.

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Important points:
1. Timings: Nandi hills will be open till 6.30 pm.
2. You can also visit Bhoganandeeshwara temple.

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