Coming Soon: Cable-Car at Nandi Hills

View from Nandi Hills

Hello friends, here’s some good news for all travel addicts who love Nandi Hills. No doubt most of you would have already visited Nandi, may be its your unforgettable bike ride with your friends or a calm picnic with your family. Nandi hills is a hot destination for travelers as it has good road connectivity, good weather, beautiful view, serene nature and well maintained by forest department. Now there is one more reason to visit Nandi Hills – Yes its soon getting rope way to carry tourists from base of the Hill to the peak. According to a news report by Bangalore Mirror there is an on going plan about constructing a cable car which will carry tourists from base to the peak at low price. The objective of this project is to drastically cut down vehicular traffic on the road winding up to the Nandi Hills. One could park their vehicle at the base, take the cable car to reach peak.

Chikballapur tourism council has initiated feasibility studies in December and is scheduled to submit a report by May 2016, also ideal location at the base will also be identified. If everything is fine then by 2016 end cable cars would be constructed and will be opened for the public.

It was Shankar Nag’s dream to construct rope way at Nandi Hills, back in 1986 he had idea of developing an amusement park, toys, garden and food court –  a huge picnic spot. Thousands of people would come with their families, friends and kids. To add color to that there has to be rope-way from Nandi base to Nandi hills at lower cost. But unfortunately he died in a tragic accident on  Sep 30 1990.

What would be cost of construction?
According to the last survey done in 2004, the officials had estimated each rope-way to cost upto 8 crore. The cost could easily go up to 15-20 crore for each rope-way now, but the exact estimation could known after survey.

When could we expect cable cars running at Nandi Hills?
The complete plan is not yet disclosed by the tourism department yet, I’ll update as soon as I get any info but I guess it will take another year or two before it could be opened for public.



Soon, it’s up, up and a(rope)way!

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