Manchinbele dam – Incredible View 29/03/2015

Place: manchanabele reservoir and Dodda Alada Mara, Bangalore

Distance: 30 x 2 = 60 kms
Route: Vijaynagar -> Manchinbele dam -> Bigbanyan Tree -> Vijaynagar

Type: Sight seeing
Ideal for: Friends & Family
Bikes: Bajaj Discover 125 and Honda Trigger 150
Budget: 50/Head
On this lazy Sunday I was neither ready for long ride nor for trekking. This place is very close to the city limits. So we just headed to this awesome place. 
Best of the Beast: First look of the Reservoir
Brief about the places:
Manchinbele Reservoir:  Its a small reservoir close to Bangalore, the Dam is built across the river Arkavathi. Can’t get into the water as level of water is dam is very deep and getting near the reservoir itself is prohibited.

Dodda Alada Mara: Literally translated to Big Banyan Tree, is a giant 400-year-old single tree which covers 3 acres and is one of the largest of its kind. In the 2000s, the main root of the tree succumbed to natural disease, and thus the tree now looks like many different trees.
Sunday Morning: Since its very close it would take not more than 1 hour to reach so we left at 6 am. There is a right turn just before the Rajrajeshwari Engineering college after which the road turned into a single, peaceful road. The road goes through many villages that’s when you realize how much Bangalore has spread. Followed the google maps route and reached Manchanbele dam by 7.30am. 
Manchanbele Reservoir: The first view of the dam was just Wow!!! The senery which would blow your mind. There were two ppl already enjoying the view that’s when we realized we are not the only one who traveled so long to have a look at the dam. We took a couple of photos and wanted to go near water. Security guard at the gate said entering inside is prohibited. We tried to convince him that we won’t be getting into water, finally, he was convinced and asked us to return quickly, we gave him Rs. 100 as tip and entered the gate. Had a closer look at the reservoir. Took some more photos. Spent 10 minutes near the water. The level of the water was deep and stagnant water wasn’t looking clean so we didn’t touch the water.





A closer look at the Reservoir



We came back to the view point again and climbed on the the nearby higher ground to get a better view of the reservoir. Many groups came to see the reservior there was a common expression everyone shouted as soon as they saw the reservior “WOW!!!!” There were some cyclists too. This is a good place for cycling too.



View from a higher ground


Yer another view from a higher ground
Dadda Alada Mara: This was on the way to the rerun route.We just stopped at this place.  the main root of the tree succumbed to natural disease, and thus the tree now looks like many different trees. There were some monkeys which didnt disturb us much as we didnt had  any eatables however if you have be carefull. Its a nice place for family to hangout. The cold shade of banyan tree would make yourday. 
Banyan Tree Scattered














@Decathlon: Race begins


@Decathlon: Final Lap
While coming back we stopped at Decathlon sports shop. Back to home by 11.30am
Note: These two places are on the way to Savandurga. Manchanbele is just 13 kms from Savandurga so you can plan all three places at a single stretch.
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  1. Nice Trip…. U missed one important point… 😊That the idea was given by siva to go big banyan tree and you went alone with out even informing him… Who left writing this comment…😜😜 kidding… Cool dude… Nice blog…