Rasta Cafe – A Crazy Night Out 25/02/2015

Place:  Rasta Cafe, Mysore Road, Bangalore.

Distance:  50 x 2 = 100 km 
Route:  Bangalore -> Ramnagar -> Rasta Cafe -> Cafe Coffee Day

Type: Hotel
Ideal for: Night out with friends
Bikes: Honda Ignitor Discover 125
Crew:  Siva, Vinay, and Sagar
Budget: Depends on how much you eat, the place is really expensive

It was Siva’s Birthday, Vinay and I had planned a surprise party at his room. It was the first time in 27 years Siva was celebrating his birthday with friends so he became over excited and said: “Hey let’s go for a night out, my treat”. How can we deny such offer 😛 It was 12.30 pm I knew Rasta would be the best place for Night out except its far. Rasta was on my bucket list since my engineering time, all I was waiting for was a perfect moment!! Its time for free food I shouted – “Let’s go to Rasta Cafe, Mysore Road!!” Siva and Vinay with their lack of capacity to interpret what I say nodded and said “Yes!!”.

Best of the Beast: Rasta Cafe
Happy birthday senior

Selfie time
Bumps by Vinay
Bumps by me

The ride: Within no time we were on the road, unlike my regular trips this time we were unprepared, had no proper riding gears and jacket. Horrible Mysore road which was a nightmare on my last trip to Mysore seemed calm, peaceful and open. The climate was fluctuating and the cold overtook us, hands fell numb and body started shivering. This was the time when we realized why we are on the road instead of sleeping warm in the home. I cursed Vinay and Siva for agreeing whatever I say. To fight the cold we drove slow. As Rasta was nearing we couldn’t wait anymore so we hopped on to the top gear and within few minutes reached Rasta. It took one and half hour to reach as I had predicted.

Reached Rasta at 2 am

Rasta Cafe: There were few vehicles at parking space, I knew this place would be overcrowded on weekends but today was no special day except for us. There was a group of hot girls, after seeing them we said to ourselves “the ride was worth it” 😉 There were more girls than I had expected, this place would be heaven on weekend for stalkers like us. My RVCE friends used to hang out here a lot during college days, now I know why it was their favorite spot. Rasta doesn’t serve alcohol but it is famous for Hukka lovers. I heard Hukka is bannednowadayss so out of curiosity I inquired if hukka is available waiter said No as there is some problem with police (I visited again after some months that time it was available so don’t loose hopes 😉 . None of us were smoker or drinker so we ordered pizza and some snacks. Pizza was awesome, I don’t know if they really prepared so well or it wasthe effect of cold. We spent one more hour discussing on how young generation is wasting time by doing night outs at Rasta.

Inside Rasta Cafe
Tasty Pizza
Yummy Potato Chips
Famous Graffiti at Rasta Cafe

Cafe coffee day:  We badly wanted tea or coffee at this time, there is CCD just beside the Rasta Cafe, we pulled over for coffee at this lonely CCD. I had never been to CCD before, had no idea what to order so I just ordered latte coffee, it tasted like shit!!! yukkkk!!! I really don’t know why people go to ccd at all. We spent some more time here hanging out in the middle of the night. We realized how crazy we were to come on ride like this.

Lonely CCD beside Rasta Cafe

Nothing happened over the coffee 😛

Drive back: It was 4.30 by the time we left CCD, we made a different strategy this time – instead of driving slower we will drive faster which worked really well. We were on the full swing, drove at a crazy speed. Within 1 hour reached back.

After this trip, we realized that there is no good spot needed for the perfect trip. All you need is a zeal to ride and nonsense friends.

Important Note:
1. Though Rasta would be open 24 hours a day it is best to visit at night.
2. Hukka is available of some days depending on police petrol, I visited again after few months that time hukka was available.
3. It is perfectly safe for girls irrespective of time, many gangs of girls and boys would be there. But most of them would be drunk.

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  1. Nice sagar… U have became a travel bloger… Good keep it up…. Thanks guys for everything.. awesome it wass.. Next year bday bh ese hi surprise dena bhai…😃

  2. Hi Guys… It's my friend's birthday on saturday and we would like to celebrate it in rasta.. Do you know if they allow that kind of stuff there?

  3. Yeah Cake they will allow no problem I guess. They are quite friendly. But on weekend it gets crowded like hell. There will be waiting line if you go late (after 11pm).